Co-Curricular Activities

  • Dramatics Club
    1. Mr Kiran Kumar (Head)
    2. Ms Madhu
    3. Ms Aditi


    Students in drama club learn the basics of stagecraft, self discipline and the importance of hard work, creativity, and self confidence etc. This club hones the skill of performing arts among the children especially the physical, emotional, social and development of healthy appreciation of culture.

  • Mathematics Club
    1. Ms Sunder Singh (Head)
    2. Mr Amit
    3. Ms Meenakshi
    4. Ms Rohit Choudhary


    Maths club in the school raise the profile of maths as a subject, they increase engagement and show children that maths can be playful, exciting and full of wonder. Various activities such as the use of Abacus, calculation of area of the school premises and devices such as age calculator and distance measuring wheel etc. are used.

  • Eco Club
    1. Ms Sarojini Pandita (Head)
    2. Ms Shivani
    3. Ms Satbir


    This club empowers students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects .The students and the teachers with their joint efforts take action to improve their environment/surroundings.

  • Dance Club
    1. Mr Mohal Lal (Head)
    2. Ms Jaspreet
    3. Ms Manisha

    Dance is an art that allow the students to express their emotions and feelings. Students are trained on western dance including fusion, free style, hip-hop, bhangra, bollywood dance etc. The club organizes multiple events throughout the year on various occasions. Students participated in dance competitions at both inter-school and state level under the expertise of the dance teachers.

  • Instrumental Music Club
    1. Mr Devinder (Head)
    2. Ms Neelam
    3. Ms Santosh
    4. Ms Sunali


    The Instrumental Music aims to teach students how to play basic music. The club focuses on students performing musical exercises such as playing through scales, chord charts, strumming patterns and rhythms and they will practice these rhythms independently and in groups.

  • Art & Craft  Club
    1. Ms Manju Kumari (Head)
    2. Mr Deepak
    3. Ms Darshana
    4. Ms Shaily


    Art and craft is the subject which is enjoyed in the school premises. Students find it interested to indulge in such activities. The activities are easy, thought-provoking, and educational. Upon completion of an activity, students are encouraged to share their artwork with their peers, friends, and family.


  • Debate/Declamation Club
    1. Ms Kusum Rakwal (Head)
    2. Ms Sunakshi
    3. Ms Pratima
    4. MS Ramandeep


    The aim of the Public Speaking and Debate Club is to inculcate a fondness for English language among students. It enhances their rhetorical skills so that they can present ideas creatively and artistically and imbibe a sense of confidence. The club focuses on encouraging students to become confident orators to display their intellectual and independent thinking skills. To extensively promote communication skills of students and help in teamwork, ability to speak and emote before an audience thereby increasing the emotional quotient of the students. The children participate in all interschool debate competitions. Besides, Annual AFWWA declamation is also a most awaited event.

  • Vocal Music Club   
    1. Ms Parshotma Atri (Head)
    2. Ms Kiran Choudhary
    3. Ms Suresh
    4. Ms Priya


    To gain familiarity with a range of different musical practices and traditions, including selected classical, Indian popular and folk practices. To learn to create (perform and compose), and analyze music. To learn to think about cultural, historical, and cognitive dimensions of music. Students participate in music competitions at both inter-school and state level under the expertise of music teachers.                                      

  •  Computer Club  
    1. Ms Reempy (Head)
    2. Mr Harvinder
    3. Ms Neha
    4. Ms Manpreet


    Bits and Bytes Club aims to enrich techno-skill of our young pillars and contribute in the creation of digital India. It focuses on empowering our technocrats by giving them a platform to showcase their creativity and imagination technically.